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Crowdfunding and Social Media Demystified

Posted by ProFusionExpo on 28-Oct-2015 15:59:03
If you hear someone mention Kickstarter or perhaps Indiegogo, do you wonder if they are talking about a motorcycle part, or some hip new indie band?
If you do, then Raindance Canada Executive Director Jaimy Warner's ProFusion main stage discussion "Crowdfunding & Social Media Demystified" might be for you...
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Topics: Crowdsourcing, Social Media, Raindance Canada

Bryan Caporicci: Making the jump to Mirrorless.

Posted by ProFusionExpo on 28-Oct-2015 12:39:19
The dSLR vs. Mirrorless debate between photographers has been raging back & forth for years.
Both sides have their arguments, but who is right? Are mirrorless cameras really the future of photography, or is dSLR still the champ?
The short answer is, we don't really know...

But at this year's ProFusion Expo, you can find out one photographer's answer...

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Topics: Bryan Caporicci, Mirrorless, Fuji, Main Stage Presenters

ProFusion is delighted to welcome back crowd favourite, Miguel Jacob

Posted by ProFusionExpo on 26-Oct-2015 16:37:39
No stranger to ProFusion, Miguel Jacob will once again show the crowds why he's one of our most popular demonstrators.
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Topics: Demonstrations, Phase One, ProFusion Expo Presenters, Miguel Jacob, Fashion Photography, Profoto

Prepare to be blown away! See the Tornado Hunters at ProFusion Expo

Posted by ProFusionExpo on 22-Oct-2015 14:00:07

When a major storm’s approaching, most people hop in their cars and trucks and drive to safety.

But not Greg Johnson and the team of Tornado Hunters!

In fact, Greg, Chris Chittick and Ricky Forbes can be found speeding in the opposite direction, back towards the storm.

Sounds crazy? Perhaps, but for the Tornado Hunters, riding the edge of the storm is is just another day at the office.

This year at ProFusion, you'll be able to listen to their fascinating stories and see their incredible shots.

It's virtually guaranteed that you’ll be blown away with their presentation.

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Topics: Sony Canada, The Tornado Hunters, Main Stage Presenters

ProFusion Student Experience

Posted by ProFusionExpo on 21-Oct-2015 09:58:18
ProFusion Expo recognizes that today's imaging students will be tomorrow's master image makers, and that's why we've created our 1st ever student experience for ProFusion 2015.

While you're free to attend whenever you like, we want to make sure you are able to get the most out of ProFusion 2015.

That's why we've dedicated Wednesday, November 11 from 4 pm- 8 pm to celebrate you, the image maker of tomorrow.

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YouTube Sensation Corey Vidal to take the main stage at Profusion

Posted by ProFusionExpo on 16-Oct-2015 12:00:00
Canon Canada is bringing some serious Canadian talent to ProFusion Expo this year.

Last week we announced that superstar photographer Steve Carty will be taking over the Canon Canada booth demonstrating The 5 Minute Portrait.

Now, we are excited to announce that the founder of Buffer Festival & ApprenticeA Productions and bonafide YouTube sensation Corey Vidal will be one of the ProFusion main stage presenters.

During his presentation, Corey will be discussing how he uses the amazing Canon XC10 and C300 Mark II cameras to film his show. 

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Topics: Corey Vidal, XC10, Canon, C300 Mark II, Main Stage Presenters

Canon presents: The 5 Minute Portrait w/ photographer Steve Carty

Posted by ProFusionExpo on 13-Oct-2015 09:21:00

Cameras ready, prepare to flash!


Canon Canada Brand Ambassador (and amazingly nice guy) Steve Carty has joined our growing list of expert photographers who want to share thier knowledge with you at ProFusion Expo.

Join "Carty" (as he likes to be known) at the Canon Canada booth throughout both days as he demonstrates just how easy it is to capture amazing portraits in 5 minutes or less.





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Topics: 5 Minute Portraits, Photography, Steve Carty, Canon Canada, ProFusionExpo

Canadian artist/filmmaker/explorer Cory Trépanier On...

Posted by ProFusionExpo on 08-Oct-2015 16:38:55

Capturing Canada’s Arctic on canvas and in ultra high definition Sony 4k

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Topics: Sony, ProFusionExpo

How to Build the Perfect Action Shot with Michael Clark

Posted by ProFusionExpo on 05-Oct-2015 12:26:24

This year's ProFusion Expo demonstrations are starting to fall into place, and one of the events that we are really looking forward to is photographer Michael Clark's "How to Build the Perfect Action Shot" at the Elinchrom booth. 

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Topics: Demonstrations, Michael Clark, ProFusionExpo

Who will be at Profusion Expo this Year: Master Photographers International

Posted by ProFusionExpo on 24-Sep-2015 10:00:00

If you're a photographer looking to join a professional organization, MPIO might be for you!

Founded in 2012, by Garth Edmunds & Arete (Tula) Edmunds, Master Photographers International's focus is to provide their members with a network to expand their skills as well as their connections.

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ProFusion is about bringing together the latest technology and the brightest minds in the industry

The primary mission of ProFusion is to showcase and celebrate the pro imaging industry in Canada. To that end, over two days, our focus is to celebrate Canada’s burgeoning pro imaging market by bringing together the latest technology and the brightest minds in the industry.

If it’s new and exciting and you haven’t seen it yet, chances are you’ll get to see it launched at ProFusion. Over the years we’ve showcased many ‘first time in Canada’ product launches, including the most talked-about cameras, lighting, software and more. And it’s not just about seeing new gear, it’s experiencing it in an intimate, interactive environment, unlike any other tradeshow.

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